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Dimply’s Rub Seasoning – Variety Flavors 12-Pack Bundle

(16 customer reviews)


Free shipping included.

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Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Cajun Chicken
Dimply's Rub Seasoning - Jerk Chicken
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Flavors include Cajun Chicken, Jerk Chicken, and Oklahoma Steak.

16 reviews for Dimply’s Rub Seasoning – Variety Flavors 12-Pack Bundle


    The Memphis pork rub is one of the best rubs I have tasted on my grilled pork chops in a long time. Since that rub was so good, I look forward to trying the other rubs that Dimply’s have. My order has been placed.

    • Dimply’s Rub & Grill

      Thank you.

  2. Leslie Reed

    Besr rub ever

  3. Leslie Reed

    Best rub ever

  4. Leslie Reed

    Great rub goner try this on shoulder

  5. Kevin feliciano

    Awsume rub

  6. Kevin feliciano

    Best rub ever love this

  7. Mike Keeland (verified owner)

    I really like all of the varieties. They really add a great flavor to the meat. It’s also great that you can mix and match and free shipping is awesome.

  8. Allie Gleason

    The absolute best Jerk this side of Jamaica! Try it and see for yourself.

  9. Max

    Jerk Chicken is very close to the real thing. Powerful flavor and a good amount of heat

  10. Heather Weaver

    The best jerk seasoning in the world

  11. Ron

    My, my, my……
    I use this on everything…beef, chicken, fish. If it worked in oatmeal it would probably be used there too 😂

    These spices are amazing.

  12. Janet Valentin

    I was so upset when my local “have everything in stock” store discontinued Dimply’s Rub Seasonings for the winter. I keep checking back & have contacted the manager a few times and here I am ordering straight from Dimply’s. The Jerk compares with the jerk I had in the mountains of Jamaica. The Oklahoma Steak is our favorite and can make anything taste amazing. We use it on Chicken, pork, shrimp, pasta salad and oh yeah, steak.

  13. John Hoogenboom

    Tried the Jerk Chicken and made the marinade option last night and marinated some boneless, skinless chicken breast for about 2 1/2 hours then grilled them and OH MY GOSH the flavor was AWESOME! Their ingredient blend is superb, the Allspice was so aromatic and the taste was not overwhelming and blended well with all the other spices and the Chili Powder was not too hot which I also enjoyed. The only critique I could make would be they could back off on the salt a bit but I will shorten my marinating time to offset, it’s strong stuff. I’m ordering the Variety Pack as soon as I’m done here! 5 stars!!!

  14. MaryEllen (verified owner)

    I tried Dimply’s Jerk Chicken last summer and it is SOOO GOOD!! I got a new grill for Christmas and wanted to make it again and my local store doesn’t have it (winter in the northeast… who craves Jerk Chicken??!! I do! I do!) I figured I’d look online for some. Bought it right from the source! Free shipping! And fast! Got it a day earlier than I was supposed to!! I will definitely be ordering from here again!!

  15. Tom W.

    I got a package of the Cajun Chicken from … somewhere (still trying to track down how I came by this). I’m pretty sure it was an extra for a recent Amazon order or it came with a knife set I given for Christma. Still unsure.

    On a whim, I made chicken tacos using the Cajun Chicken seasoning as a marinade over 4 chicken thighs in the Instant Pot. The tacos were OUTSTANDING… best chicken tacos I’ve ever made.

    I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  16. Gene Simmons

    Been using the Jerk Chicken marinade/rub for about 3 years… Amazing!!! Everyone loves it and I give people the secret… Given out so many secrets it’s time to reorder again…

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